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Amal Ghoorah



I came across Jack’s name and concepts, while a student in the US in the mid Eighties.


I joined the workforce in my native Mauritius in 1989 as a Marketing Executive for the local BMW dealer.


During that time, I had purchased Jack’s book (co-authored with Al Ries) Bottom Up Marketing and read it with passion.

在那期间,我买了杰克与艾·里斯(Al Ries)合著的《营销革命》(Bottom-Up Marketing),并怀着激动的心情读完。

I can tell with full certainty that the notions in this book did help me for the launch of the BMW 518 in July 1990.


My job was to contain the assault of the Mercedes 1.8 (The Baby Benz) which had been launched some 3 months earlier. The notions distilled in that book enabled me to define the Integrated Communications strategy. The BMW 518 definitely outdid the Baby Benz o our local market.

当时,我要对奔驰公司3个月前推出的奔驰1.8(又称“The Baby Benz”)发动进攻,依据书中理论,我制定了整合传播策略,使领宝马518车型成功抢占了Baby Benz的当地市场份额。

I let you now imagine the emotion, I felt when in September 2000 in a teleconference with Jack the latter agreed to give me and my partner Rajiv the franchise for Mauritius.


Jack is unfortunately not with us but his tool box of concepts are very much a legacy that will help us.


Basil Tsaras

It was back in 2015, Tuesday 15/09/2015 at 19:06 pm, on my way to Stuttgart, Germany, when I received an email from Jack informing me that he had come up with a rare cancer in the stomach area. It was a shock for me and I prayed for his quick recovery.


We kept exchanging emails and he was always eager at bringing me ideas about how to generate big projects in Greece, repositioning the Country, securing foreign investments and bringing more tourists as a means to deal with the worst financial crisis Greece had experienced since the great depression.


He was aware of the local difficulties and the austerity measures and he was always trying to cheer me up, despite his personal fight with his illness.


That was Jack Trout! A great leader, an admirable visioner and a dear friend.


I met Jack and his adorable wife Patricia, back in September 2006, when I invited him to Athens for a 2-day Marketing Conference on “Marketing Strategy and Guerilla Marketing”.


Jack analyzed his favorite subject “Differentiate or Die” on the 18th while Jay Conrad Levinson, the so- called “father” of Guerrilla Marketing spoke the following day about “Mastering Guerrilla Marketing”.

9月18号,杰克在演讲中分析了他最喜欢的课题--“与众不同”。第二天,被誉为“游击营销之父”的杰伊·康拉德·莱文森”(Jay Conrad Levinson)以“精通游击营销”为题作了演讲。

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and partnership that led to a great cooperation that included the translation in Greek of his latest bestseller, “Trout on Strategy” that soon became a local bestseller too.

这不仅是我们伟大友谊的开端,也是伟大合作的开始。合作内容包括对他的最新畅销书《什么是战略》(Trout on Strategy)的希腊语翻译,这本书迅速成为希腊的畅销书。

I still remember him preaching the "Keep it Simple" axiom while keeping in mind the fact "that the basic approach of positioning is not to create something new and different, but to manipulate what's already up there in the mind, to re-tie the connections that already exist.”


I shall always remember Jack as a real gentleman of the kind that is difficult to find anymore. Jack was a dear friend and an exceptionally bright and gifted business and marketing strategist with whom I had the chance to learn a lot.


May your memory be eternal and everlasting my dear friend.


Eugene Boury

My acquaintance with Jack Trout is a real gift of fate.


Personally, we met only once, in September 2009, when I invited Jack to Minsk to give a one-day seminar for the elite of the Belarusian business and the marketing community.


In those three days which he spent in Belarus, I learned about marketing and branding more than in the previous five years.


I was only 26 years old, and because of the excitement and organizational issues, I missed most of the seminar. But Jack had a few days off, which he decided to spend in Minsk before the next performance in another country.


In those three days he managed to convince me to look at marketing from a completely different angle, and completely rethink my business.


For Belarus, his visit was the brightest business event of those years, and for me our communication was a turning point in my career as a consultant.


Thank you for the inspiration, Jack!


Eugene Kadushin

Jack was a man so full of wisdom. One may say that he has established something like Trout’s Business Philosophy with competition, positioning and differentiation as key elements, but in fact he just somehow knew how the things work. How the business works. How the life works.


As he observed hundreds of simple, obvious mistakes done and endlessly repeated by otherwise very bright-minded people, he came to why those mistakes were there again and again - it was all about the angle how business people viewed things: overcomplicated, process-based, too farsighted or too nearsighted, based on impossible or ignorant to opportunities.


That understanding was always behind his every book: Horse Sense, Power of Simplicity, Positioning, Marketing Warfare… From the top of the first page and up to his latest most essential business-philosophical “Trout on Strategy”, he tried to put his holistic vision into words in an attempt to transfer the tacit knowledge of the writer to the mind of the reader.

这种思考体现在他的每一部著作中:从《人生定位》(Horse Sense)、《简单的力量》(Power of Simplicity)、《定位》(Positioning)到《商战》(Marketing Warfare),从他的第一本书到凝聚商业哲学精华的最新著作——《什么是战略》(Trout on Strategy),杰克试图把他的思想体系化为文字,将自己的知识融入读者的心智。

Many read his books, some really “got it” and correctly implemented to their businesses, a few understood what it was really all about - and that changed their lives.


To me, Jack was a happening. The real one. His ability to express all the complexity of his thinking with a few simple and short sentences fascinated me right from our first meeting.


I really didn’t notice how his thinking became paramount for everything I did, whether it was a consulting project or an industrial business. I was really proud to become his partner at the time when I did and I still am.


Rest in peace our dearest teacher and the friend of many.


Hasan Fadlallah

To An Immortal On His 83rd Birthday!


January 31st 1935 a legend was born. A revolutionary man amongst few good men in a time were education was a luxury and business acumen was inherited and not taught.


Jack Trout changed the rules of the game back in 1969 when he coined the term “Positioning” but in reality he put the finger on the pulse and identified how science, psychology and creativity can be best put to practice jointly to form the basic principle of how to win the minds and capture the hearts of past, present and future customers.


Though Jack is no longer with us, on his 83rd Birthday we look back at him with pride, envy and gratitude and thank him for his lifetime contribution that produced an immortal simple yet complex concept of “Positioning” that is only 49 years old today and counting...


May your blessed soul enlighten all those that look up to you!


Michele Bondani

On 31st January 2018 Jack would have been 83 years old.


It is right to remember him because thanks to him I understood the positioning, a concept that has changed my professional life forever.


It was thanks to the teachings of Jack that I managed to create my current company - Packaging in Italy - and it is always thanks to him that I continue to generate business for my clients. These are just some reasons why I personally owe him so much.

我能创办现在的公司Packaging in Italy,要归功于杰克的指点;也正是因为他,我才可以不断服务于客户。只言片语难言他对我的恩情。

I am sure that Jack's teachings have improved not only my professional life but also my personal life, from Jack I understood the concreteness and the determination to act.


The duty of us partners in T&P is exactly to keep his memory alive all over the world, to divulge his word and do good to the community as he did it to me.


It is an honor to spread the concepts of Jack every day in my country, through new positioning case studies, through the Packaging Positioning book, articles and videos to keep his image alive forever.

能在我的国家每天传播杰克的理念,我感到十分自豪。我通过分享新的定位案例,出版Packaging Positioning书籍,写文章和发布视频的方式,让他的形象永世长存。

Jack forever.


Mirek Cias

I discovered Jack’s books sometimes in the 90’s when Poland was undergoing a dramatic transformation of it’s social, political and economic system.  Market economy was becoming a reality.


Although me and my business partner instinctively knew which way to go, it was Jack’s positioning approach that offered us the framework or should I say, it become the new paradigm for us.


It influenced our thinking not only about marketing but about doing business in general.  It even elevated our understanding of “perception’ as a key factor in defining the ever changing socio-economic reality around us.

定位理论不仅影响了我们做市场营销的思维方式,更是影响了我们对商业之道的看法。它甚至提升了我们对“认知”的理解—— 一个塑造人们周边不断变化的社会经济环境的关键因素。

In working with business people of the older generation Jack’s positioning became a tool of education.  With the younger generation there was no need for this - they would quote entire passages from Jack’s books.


Today, Jack’s work needs to be re-discovered in order to continue to be an inspiration for a new generation entering the marketplace and looking for guidance how to maneuver their businesses in the increasingly competitive international environment.


Prakash Idnani

Let’s celebrate Jack’s 83rd birthday!


Although Jack is not with us in this world, his concept of positioning and principles of marketing are immortal.


When Jack developed the concept of “positioning” with Al Ries little did he know that they would be creating a legacy which would impact many.

当杰克与艾·里斯(Al Ries)提出“定位”的概念时,他没想到他们将创造如此影响深远的思想财富。

Jack had the unique ability to dissect a problem skillfully and offer practical solution(s). His work stands testimony to that.


Personally to me he was a guide and friend with whom I shared memorable moments.


Raúl Peralba

Jack Trout, a very practical and unique man who has left his mark.


In June 1990 I went to see him at the suggestion of a professor at IESE (Spain) one of the Top10 worldwide business Schools. He warned me: “Mr. Trout is not a renown academic; but he is the most practical and effective guru I know.”


At 8:30 of June 11th my meeting started in Trout’s office in Greenwich, Conn. USA. At 9:15 we already agreed a way of working together and I became the first Jack’s Partner out of USA. We do not even sign a contract.


He said: "What do we need a contract for? We have to pay a lawyer to formalize it and if we do not understand we have to pay him again to rescind it. On the other hand, if we understand each other, never we will need a contract."


That's the way it was, only a gentlemen's agreement sealed only with a handshake that we never breached either one of us. This was him, clear and simple.


In these 27 years I have worked with Jack in Spain, Europe and Latin America and I have had his confidence to adapt all his books to the Spanish-speaking countries as co-author.


In these years we have also carried out together more than 250 projects of competitive positioning and strategic branding for SMEs, international corporations, countries, tourist or investment destinations, politicians and business leaders...


Without a doubt it has left a mark and a simple and clear legacy that we must learn to take advantage of. In a global world that is increasingly competitive, of permanent change and asymmetric crises, Positioning is and will be a "key" key, although now fashion is to invent words without meaning...





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